About Neil

A Local Boy

Neil's father entered the Navy in 1939 and served on the battleship U.S.S. Texas, stationed in Norfolk. In a short time he was transferred to Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida to become an enlisted Navy pilot, flying a variety of planes, including the PBY Catalina. Mr. Bradley went from seaman to full lieutenant in 4 years. Neil was born in South Norfolk during that time. Neil's father continued flying for many years even after retiring from the Navy. One of Neil's treasured possessions is an airplane joystick from one of his father's planes that crashed. Neil's father was removed from the wrecked plane and placed in the ambulance while still gripping the joystick! His father walked out of the hospital two hours later, with the joystick.

Experienced and Capable

His years working security with Wackenhut Security gave Neil unique opportunities and experiences. With his Top Secret clearance, Neil was able to provide security for President Richard Nixon. At another time Neil was in charge of security at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium for the 40th Academy Awards ceremony. Because of the distance from his house to the Auditorium and the amount of traffic, Neil slept on site in Sammy Davis Jr.'s dressing room for three days surrounding the ceremony!

Fiscally Responsible

Neil demonstrates in his private life the fiscal responsibility that he brings to the Norfolk Sheriff's Department. Rather than take out a loan to purchase a new car, Neil saved his money and was able to purchase a very nice convertible for a fraction of what it would have cost him to purchase a similar using credit. You can be assured that under Neil's supervision the Norfolk Sheriff's Department will operate within its budget!

Pride in the Details

One of Neil's hobbies is to participate in reenactments during the late 1700s and early 1800s. Neil pays careful attention to making the clothing and related items during that time period. This careful attention to detail and pride in America's history drives Neil to seek excellence in the important office of Norfolk Sheriff.

Family and Christian Values

The son of a church-planting Baptist preacher, Neil knows what happens to society when families are forgotten and Christian values are marginalized. As Norfolk sheriff, Neil will lead the Sheriff's department in remembering family and applying Christian values in helping inmates become productive members of the Norfolk community!

Committed to Integrity

While working security Neil identified employees who did not possess the necessary security clearances for the job. In spite of risk to his own employment, Neil notified superiors of the policy violations in order to guarantee proper security for the client. Neil's integrity is needed in the Norfolk Sheriff's office. Deputies need to be able to trust the sheriff to provide them with proper working conditions and promised breaks and vacation times. The citizens of Norfolk need to be able to trust our sheriff to provide proper care and rehabilitation of inmates, and not to take advantage of his position for personal gain. Neil is the right man for the job!

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