Elect Neil Bradley Norfolk Sheriff
Honor, Pride, and Integrity

As a retired Deputy Sheriff and native of South Norfolk, Neil Bradley has 10 years of law enforcement experience, and worked security with top secret clearance for a past US President. Neil has the qualifications to lead the Norfolk Sheriff's Department with integrity!

As Sheriff, Neil will strive to:

  • Create a better working environment for Norfolk deputies.
  • Keep good deputies! We need to retain the deputies that are doing Norfolk proud. Retaining deputies will save the Norfolk taxpayers money on training new deputies every year.
  • Create programs to keep Norfolk kids active and off the streets.
  • Set up more education and job search programs to encourage the complete restoration of non-violent offenders to be productive members of the City of Norfolk.
  • Keep the citizens involved in the Norfolk jail system - It is the system that protects YOU from criminals.


Together we will bring Honor, Pride, and Integrity back to the Norfolk Sheriff's Office!

Why Neil is Running for Norfolk Sheriff

"The major reason why I stepped into the race for sheriff is a promise I made. I promised my fellow deputies that when I retired, I would do my best to bring about change in the Norfolk jail system. Our deputies deserve much better treatment than what they are currently receiving."

Our Deputies Need Your Support

"As sheriff, I will make sure my deputies get the breaks they are promised, the promotions they deserve, and the vacations they have earned. Also, I will do everything in my power to work to improve relations with inmates."

We owe it to our deputies to have their backs . . . After all, they have ours!

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